Friday, April 20, 2007

This and That

Strange day today, but a very nice one overall. Let's start with a photo. This is our new couch! We got it on freecycle from a very nice guy who seemed sad to part with it (but they'd already bought the replacement).

Milo is resting on it because Milo has a slight case of Spring Fever. He's coughing and wheezing and running a fever. When the motrin kicks in, he's pretty happy and active, so we haven't been to the doctor yet, but as you can see from the photo, the albuterol is in use.

As you can also see from the photo, the SUN came out today! Oh, what a beautiful day it was! Max and I ran some errands and then I'd like to say that I spent the whole afternoon out in the sun working on my garden, but there wouldn't be a word of truth to it. Instead I went upstairs to check on Milo--who was out cold in my bed--gave him some motrin and then lay down to keep him company for a few minutes . . . and woke up three hours later, disoriented, and incapable of doing much more than walking out to the living room to sit down again. I didn't really wake up till I returned a friend's phone call and was therefore forced to speak in complete sentences.

Did I mention how thrilled I am with our couch? It's comfy and green and the dog and kids think it's wonderful. Last night Chris and I watched our first (of many, I'm sure) movie together sitting on the couch and snoozling.

The kids didn't have school today. School officials found writing referencing both the horrible events of earlier this week and the anniversary of Columbine and they decided to just cancel school. It doesn't freak me out--I think because I feel they made the right call!

In knitting news, I am nearly done with the body of the Orenburg. I bought some tiny beads today to try to work into the Garden shawl. Between the two shawls I'm working on tiny sweaters for all the girls my cousins are having this spring.

Alright! Off to whip up some mashed potatoes and get dinner on the table.

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Dy said...

Oh.... that couch looks so nice and deep! You could fit a whole family on there! *pause to admire (and slightly envy) the couch*

That's nice!