Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday Evening

Here are a few pictures from yesterday's sunny afternoon. The twins are still in jammies, actually, LOL. But they were feeling a little better yesterday, so they were out helping me spread wild flower seeds in the front garden beds.

Ben dancing

Milo dancing

Ben with the pear tree

Milo watering

And finally, here I am making my somewhat typical "deeply concerned about everything" face at Chris and his camera as he captures my new "going to Canada" haircut.

In other news, I have FINISHED the body of the Orenburg. I am five teeth into the final top border which I think will eventually require 90 teeth. I've also made great progress on baby girl sweater 1 of 4.

And now, it is time for dinner.


slawebb said...

Ooooo, very cute summer cut. I love it!! We are just starting out spring here. I can't wait to have a place of our own to plant flowers and gardens in. Well, the money, too. {{{hug}}} to you and yours.

Dy said...

Hey, I like the hair cut! But I missed the "Going to Canada" reference.

The twins have grown SO MUCH. Wow. I'm glad you post pictures once in a while b/c otherwise, I'd keep reverting to thinking of them as they looked back when they were still in diapers. And they just don't look like that anymore!