Saturday, April 07, 2007

I don't know either

(why there are no comments on the last post. It just didn't publish with that option.)

SO. I've been working obsessively on both shawls and occasionally on this sweater or that and in between continuing to look for more work. The shawls are being cooperative, the work--not so much--but sometimes it's like that. Today we'll dye eggs and do laundry and get the living room picked up since it's taking on that overly-lived-in look.

The weather has been unseasonably cold and we've had snow for the past few days. It doesn't accumulate much. Sometimes as much as a half inch--then melts off. But hopefully by Monday things will be climbing towards a more normal upper 40s. I need to get the plot over at the community garden weeded and I need to get it some compost and manure.

In spite of the lack of work, this spring is already proving fruitful. Max's piano playing is so much more mature and I can see that he has picked up more perseverence and discipline in the process. I swear piano lessons have done more for this boy's character than any other activity that we have to pay for. Ben and Milo are also showing growth in their piano playing, as Ben in particular occasionally practices a song without me having to sit down to do it with him. And both twinks are really, actually swimming on their own. Their reading has taken off and they consume little books voraciously. Their writing is far behind, but I could care less. They have the proper foundation (and are still ahead of where you'd expect them to be entering kindergarten in the fall) and will eventually catch up.

And now--to the eggs.

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Dy said...

Don't you just love being able to see tangible maturation? LOL. Sounds like this Spring is good. I hope you get some lovely sunny days soon!