Monday, July 04, 2005

Boom Boom BOOM

I've seen fireworks in:

  • St. Paul. Or maybe it was Minneapolis. It was Minnesota anyway.
  • Washington DC, more than once. many more than once.
  • Boston and vacinity. With and without the Pops.
  • Philadelphia
  • various suburbs of Northern and Southern California
  • some beaches in New England and Southern California
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Disneyland
  • and now, State College, PA.
Now, I'd *heard* that someone rated State College, PA possibly the second best fireworks show in the country, but you know, those central PAians can get carried away.

The music was not as good without the pops. The sound system needed work.

but the FIREWORKS were truly, masterfully done. I ooooohed. I aaaahed. I got choked up. I blinked in the sudden brightness. I pointed excitedly at a firework I'd never seen before. I said over and over, ooooh, THAT'S my favorite one.

I am never, ever, ever moving again. And if you don't see the State College PA fireworks once before you die, well, it's a loss.

But park as FAR from the stadium as you can get. Trust me, the walk, even with two nearly comatose so-happy-they-can-barely-talk (oh yeah, they can't talk ANYWAY :::hairflip:::) preschoolers will TOTALLY pay off cause there's only one road out of the place.

And Ben did NOT pee on the lawn in the middle of the display. No matter WHO tells you otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Hey there, 'Laska girl, moving to PA so fancy free...

On behalf of Ed Rendell and the rest of us, welcome to "the state of independence." You're only a few hours away from us in Pittsburgh. If you decide to come down and see the sights, give us a holler! My email's changed a bajillion times since we last talked, and I no longer have any idea what yours is; you can reach me at scot.<my_real_last_name> at gmail dot com. BTW, Cari and I have spawned; Liam's now five months old and growing faster than gramma's prize watermelons on Miracle-Gro.

Peace, love, and Buehler's,

The Queen said...

Scot!! :::Happy dance::: I actually tried to find your baby registry online a couple months ago back when I had more than two nickels to rub together but it seems that there are a LOT of babies in Pittsburgh. I'm off to email you.

Jill said...

Oh yes Ben did!!! Saw it with my own two eyes. I'm so glad you're as happy here as I am....'cuz I ain't moving either. Have a great visit with your Dad et al.