Saturday, July 30, 2005

Moving Round and Round It Takes Us Up and It Takes Us Down

Here's a bunch of photos from the week. I try not to blog when things get ugly and stressful. Today was not ugly and stressful, so most of the pictures are from today. (Monday evening was a HUGE exception, too -- but I don't have the words for Monday evening. So I'm just going to concentrate tomorrow on writing my thank you notes for that one and forget trying to blog it. But in case they have insomnia and are up reading really late. Jill, Thank you. Aunt Gee-Gee and Uncle Ted, Thank you. Omyheck, Thank you.)

1. This is Milo attempting to use chopsticks because Mom couldn't find enough clean forks (okay, in our defense, we're down to like 6 total. That means that we can use them all for ONE meal and then they all have to washed and put back in the drawer. Well, the dishes get washed maybe twice a day, but that leaves us often with one meal without forks. So this time around, everyone got a fork, but me. So I grabbed chopsticks because hey -- they work. Well. HOW COOL IS MOM?!? So soon everyone who was anyone (and we're all someone) wanted a chopstick. Milo is nothing if not persistent. (Okay, he's not wearing a shirt. It's been REALLY REALLY hot here. Not that they're big on clothing when it's cold . . . And the photo does not do the dinner justice. It got a round of thumbs up as a new fish/rice/veggie dinner. It looks kinda pale green and unattractive in the picture.)

2. This is Dad, later in the meal, using all the chopsticks and a few legos to explain the rules of football.

3. This is Ben, halfway through our shopping marathon this afternoon. We were out of everything so it was Barnes and Noble (yeah, snort, we were out of books) and Sam's Club, then home to put the milk and eggs and other perishable stuff away. Then on to Petco, Target, and Wegman's. We didn't get home for good until a quarter to eight. This photo was taken around 4:00pm.

4. Milo, who loves to shop.

5. The place I don't get to go.

6. The start of Milo's pants. Only I may soon rip it out and start again, or maybe not. I go back and forth.

7. My sweater. I finally made flippin' gauge.

8. This is the yarn I want to use for my cousin's new baby to make him longies -- a long-pant kind of soaker. Problem is, I can only make gauge if I double up and go down a needle size (then it's oh-so-stiff) or if I go up to size 10.5 needles, which gives me a too-holey for good soaker pants fabric. Pretty, but not practical. I'm about ready to start doing some math. (If the gauge of the pant leg is 4 stitches to the inch and there are 104 stitches cast on, and x represents the number of stitches needed while using a gauge of 6 stitches to the inch . . .)


Classical Home said...

Oh, my, Alaska. Those twin faces are looking so grown up!

You and Chris sure make beautiful babies!


The Crib Chick said...

Oh...for the wherewithal to knit wool soakers and longies! :o(

I don't suppose there are any patterns/advice along the lines of 'Knitting Soakers for Dummies' out there?

The Queen said...

kinda -- Little Turtle Knits doesn't get any more basic -- and because the patterns are simple for even the most distracted mother/blogger/writer/knitter, they're easily embelished to show how incredibly clever we really are ;)

The Queen said...

Crissy, can you email me at brings crickets AT aol DOT com (no spaces)? Thanks!

The Crib Chick said...

And if you don't mind...what *is* that new fish/veggie/rice dish?! I bomb completely with any fish recipe that isn't, well, salmon cakes. :o(

Yours actually looks pretty good. Although I admit that I thought it was some kind of pepper thing at first.

And you made me laugh with the wistful look at the 'express' line. I don't get to go there much, either.