Saturday, July 23, 2005

Daily Reason for Why YOU Should Move to State College, PA, too.

This view is one mile from our house. And free.

This view is six miles from our house. And parking and swimming and everything but the Spongebob Squarepants popscicles is free.

This kid is not for sale, but if you move here and become my friend then the view of him is FREE.

More free swimming. Sunshine included as available. Available a lot actually.

Knitting a shawl is not free, but the sunburn is :)

Grandma and grandson are NOT for sale, but the fun swim meet is and (soda) pop is only 50 cents.

This house is NOT free, but it is for sale, and it's on the national registry of historic houses or something like that. Great backyard. Open house tomorrow!


Eliza said...

Evil woman, you're doing that a purpose! Trying to lure me with your Pennsalvania type goodness.

At least you didn't post Amish photos. I'd be done in then.

The Queen said...

Note to self: Take pictures of the enormous line of horses and buggies next to the Ford Expeditions and mini-vans at the farmer's market next Wednesday. DO NOT take photos of the mennonite market where you bought 50 lbs of fresh stone ground for $13 last week. That's just plain showing off.

Eliza said...

NO! Nooooooo!

(I currently have an Amish thing going on, and I blame those Plain People at the Motel 6 in Nebraska)