Sunday, July 03, 2005

Every Girl's Crazy Bout A Sharp Dressed Man

I did a Google Image search on "Sharp Dressed Man" to accompany this post and found:

So we'll go with that since this post is about Mr. Nando Pupdaddy and me.

Today the Pupdaddy came to church with his puppies and ME.


Your "love language" may be presents, or physical affection, or whathaveyou, but mine is "be there for the ordinary". Be there for the dishwashing and the house pick-upping and sitting in the pew. Be there for the walk to the playground and lawn maintenance and the laundry. And I don't mean, "do it for me," although I'll take that if it's offered, but if you REALLY want the warm fuzzies you'll mow while I weedwhack. You'll dry while I wash. You'll fold the darks while I do the whites. To me that's marital bliss. And we haven't done ANY of that in our marriage because we've always been so BUSY that it's just made more SENSE to delegate. You do lawn maintenance WHILE I cook. You fold the laundry WHILE I put the kids to bed. But as I write this I know I'd love it ten times more if it were, "put the kids to bed together, then go fold the laundry together."

Assuming of course I got my two to three hours of quiet time by getting up at 5:30 am ;)

Anyway, Mr. Puppdaddy got up this morning and without one whit of complaint at the early hour, no put-upon-ness, nothing but cheeriness, helped me get the minions ready for church and we all went out the door, got in the truck, drove to church, and sat through Sacrament meeting. It was all so incredibly ordinary. You'd have never known it was Chris' first time sitting through a service and he didn't fall asleep even once (although it was Fast and Testimony Sunday and that means no talks -- and some testimonies are just more coherent than others).

So that was it. There's nothing to blog about in regard to it all except that he DID look TERRIBLY handsome in his suit and I just walked on air the WHOLE WHOLE time. At the beginning of Relief Society one of the Sister Missionaries found me and said something about expecting to see us in the more basic Gospel class that the investigators and new members usually go to. Now, I used to go to this class all the time in So Cal because it's a great class and there's more conversation than in the big class since it's a smaller group and in a smaller classroom. But I've been going to Gospel Doctrine which is the "regular" Sunday school here because it's a nice group and I really think the teacher is fantastic. So I took Chris to that class. Now I can see how it could be helpful to go to the basic class because it's much more condusive to asking questions and getting them answered. But today wasn't about getting answers. Today was about


So I took him with me to Sunday school. And I said to the Sister Missionary, "Okay, maybe next time." Because while it may be 12 weeks till the next Sunday that there's no RC racing, I'm hoping he'll come then, too. He just looks so GOOD in that suit in a pew and I just feel so wonderful with him there.


PopflyDaddy said...

Well, there's no R/C racing next Sunday. But I have a date with a beer, a hot dog, your brother and some Orioles next weekend. :)

Dy said...

It does feel very good, doesn't it? I'm so glad for you!

Anonymous said...

That is one handsome alpha dog. Did he stand through the service? ;-)

You wrote a wonderful word picture for all of us.


Anonymous said...

What a great day! Hope you have many more of them! ;-)

Korrie in UT

Eliza said...

I think Nando is taking notes :D

Eliza said...


Now the song is stuck in my head. I managed to not notice the song/title thing. Argh, it's "American Psycho" all over again.

MJ said...

What a great day! I'm curious - how did the boys fair with Primary/YM's?

Next on the plate - family home evening (but it sounds like you get tons of that with R/C racing!).

The Queen said...

Actually, the boys LOVE primary, which is good because some Sundays I would lazily sneak home. But I can't. The twins call it "school" and adore their respective teachers (they're in separate Sunbeam classes). Max runs off so quickly to his Sunday school class that I hardly get to say good bye. Sometimes I see him in the hall when I'm taking Milo on a potty break and he always seems to be having a good time.

We've started up Family Home Evening again, but our FHE has always been somewhat lighter on the prayer and lesson. We HAVE the prayer and lesson, but it's taylored to the attention span of very small people. It's really all about the family activity be it a board game or whatever. A few weeks ago we had a quickie lesson on taking care of the body that God gave us -- and went swimming. That's typical.