Thursday, July 07, 2005

It's Not Naptime!

Chris says it's bedtime, but it's been a bouncy, flouncy, fun, fun, fun day for me and I feel like the kid in Not Naptime. I can't find the lyrics sheet, so I'll spare you this time around.

But I know soon I will hit the wall and turn into a big ball of sleep deprived nothingness, so I'll blog quickly before the noodles I just ate turn to carbo sedative.

My father, step-mother, and sister are visiting from California. They're on a big multi-state, see a million relatives trip. First it was Rochester, New York, now here. Next Baltimore, MD, and from there down south to see the folks in North Carolina. The kids are in a tizzy because of all the attention. Yesterday we ate, gossipped, and enjoyed each other's company. Today we made it out to Penns Cave which I'd only heard of earlier in the week. This was a good move. Milo nearly made the back half of the boat wish we'd never come, but he finally permitted himself to be soothed about five minutes into the tour and by the end he was just so proud of himself for having survived. It's a tour through a big cavern, stalagtites, et al, in a boat. At the other end you come out blinking into this little lake, turn around, and go through it again from the other direction. We saw a young white-tailed deer, an albino deer (no, really), lots of ducks, and a pair of swans. And a lot of rocks.

From there we went to a nice restaurant that was reasonably priced and had good normal food. I got the best deal as I got to open birthday and anniversary presents :)

We had a quiet afternoon in which I worked and my sister read a million stories to the boys. (Then Milo put her to bed for a nap.) From there it was off to Max's swim meet where he did very well. His relay team vastly outswam the others. He dropped 3 and a half seconds from his freestyle time (which he donated to his backstroke time. Oops! But he still came in third in his heat.) It was just great to be there and have EVERYONE else there, too. Husband, kids, grandparents, and an aunt. No wonder he swam well.

So tomorrow is school picture day and everyone is coming along to make them smile. I need to get up in time to iron everything, so I'd better put my punchy self to bed.


Anonymous said...

School picture day? That means you're starting a new school year soon. Apollo must be excited.


The Queen said...

Yeah, but what is the DEAL with that guy? He keeps taking my toilet paper rolls and turning them upside down?!? And I swear he can't pass through the kitchen without refolding my hand towels.

Last day of school: Friday before Memorial Day.
First day of school: Monday after the fourth of July