Wednesday, July 27, 2005

How did it get to be Thursday Eve already?

So much to blog, so little time! Will try again tomorrow :)


Prime Minister said...

Um, Honey? Have you been taking your special pills?

The Queen said...

Thursday EVE like Christmas EVE -- the evening before Thursday.

Thursday evening - the part where you recover from ThursDAY.

Eliza said...

I am so slow I only just caught that.

Dy said...

That's ok, y'all are ahead of me. Here it is, Thursday EVENING, and I almost posted that it's only Wednesday evening... who do I have to talk about to get those special pills?

Anyhow, just wanted to say that I hope Thursday slipped up on you b/c you were busy enjoy your family, getting snoozles, and possibly being productive here and there.


Dy said...

Um... that should have said, "who do I have to talk TO ABOUT those special pills" - I have no idea what happened in the processing there. Sorry.

Risha said...

::twiddling thumbs waiting for a post::

The Crib Chick said...

Just caught up on reading your posts, and I have to say that Mr. Crib Chick and I hope to be livin' the RV life in a few years, so you guys won't have the *only* RV blasting rap music.

Okay, maybe at the dog show you will...(lol)