Saturday, September 10, 2005

Oh that was painful

I just did a blow-by-blow of the rest of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Lost the whole entry when a software update decided to shut down my browswer for me.


So now you get a very unsatisfying note that we had a wonderful time at the farm, slept deeply, relaxed, made a million pints and quarts of tomato juice, tomato soup, vegetable soup, and salsa, and basically had a great time. Favorite memories include dinner by candle light, outdoors, after dark, and Max having a fantastic time being Vic's cashier at the auction.

So Monday we reluctantly weighed anchor and headed home. We stopped in Columbus for a few hours to hit COSI with my mom, then drove the rest of the way, arriving home around 2 am.

I spent the rest of the week catching up with work, canning spaghetti sauce, jam, vegetable soup, going to new activities with the kids like the twins' speech preschool, Max's new group piano lessons, his individual piano lesson, and myriad other little errands. It's been fun, but ironically, I'm really tired. I stood all day today and peeled way too many tomatoes. After next weekend's bushel, I'll be sick to death of tomatoes. I got all my baking done today though, so at least tomorrow we'll have bread. We've been out for a few days.

The last of the bread is out of the oven. I'm off to bed. It's good to be home.


Anonymous said...

Hey the screen is all black on AOL and explorer. I can only see it through mozilla. Can you fix?

The Queen said...

Try hitting reload? I just looked at it through internet explorer and it looks fine -- now, when it loads slowly, you get the black background first, but then the forefront should pop into view.

I don't know what to tell you. I didn't do anything to it so it shouldn't have "changed" in any way.

Carol said...

Carol here, just trying to get to know the rest of th LDS lady bloggers. Stop by my place when get a chance. I'm blogging my way through Pres. Hinckley's BofM challenge. I'm really a displaced Hoosier. What part of Indiana is your grandma in? I'm from central part- Martinsville, but I have family if Crawfordsville, and Petersburg (near Vinncennes).

Carol said...

forgot my address: // for my bofm blog or for my normal life blog.

The Queen said...

Carol, my aunt and grandmother are in Terre Haute primarily, but we have a family farm for gatherings in Veedersburg -- I don't think that's far from Crawfordsville at all. Welcome.