Friday, September 09, 2005

Where Was I?

Okay, I'm so far behind in my blogging that this may take a few entries spread out over the night. First, reports that I have canned the minions are greatly exaggerated. If I was eyeing them it's because Milo in particular won't stay dressed. It's September and apparently September is a great month to be three years old and naked. very naked.

We had a wonderful, wonderful time in Indiana. We left an hour later than I'd planned on Thursday -- 6 am instead of 5 am, but I'd stayed up till 1 am the night before and 5 am wasn't happening. We drove as fast as the law would allow but still didn't make great time. The traffic was fine -- I just had to keep stopping for more caffeine. We got to Indiana about 5 pm their time. The first thing we did was untangle my Aunt's computer a bit so that it would let her use her verizon email. That went smoothly and then we headed over to my grandmother's apartment to have dinner with her. We hung around and knit for a bit, then headed back to Charlotte's house to sleep. She has a great guest bed. We slept soundly.

In the morning Charlotte had gone to work, so Max and I went back to grandma's apartment fr breakfast. She eats in the cafeteria there for breakfast and there were a half-dozen other residents there at that hour. There was a piano in the next room. Grandma had wanted to hear Max play, so he played a few of his tunes. He was an instant celebrity among the 90+ crowd. He liked that just fine.

More later.

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