Friday, February 03, 2006

Rain, Rain . . .

For reasons that aren't apparent to any of us, we were all awake at 5am. I think I might have gone back to sleep just fine except that someone who shall go unnamed kept poking me and asking why the dog was barking. I didn't hear any barking dogs and I didn't want to but he kept poking until my ears woke up and I was obligated to take care of the dogs. It wasn't the dogs that woke Himself. I know the boy. He can sleep through anything. He was just awake. So was Milo. He came in, surveyed the king-size bed already full of husband, wife, and his twin brother who'd arrived sometime earlier. He muttered something about the fact that there was supposed to be a blanket in here. I sent him back to his brother's bed where I'd used it to supplement the fleece blanket on Ben's bed. Milo returned a few minutes later dragging the blanket and set himself up for sleeping on the floor. I went right back to sleep in the way that a mother who has been woken three times a night for 9 years can.

But Chris woke shortly there after, then heard Emily complaining, woke me and the rest is history. After I walked the dogs I put THEM back to bed in their kennels. It was FIVE-THIRTY in the morning. Milo thought he should maybe get up since I was up. I talked him into taking my warm spot in the big bed. He took me up on it. I headed downstairs to knock out a few pages wondering what on Earth had gotten into us all. We normally consider 7am outrageously early. I don't know when we turned into this late to bed, late to rise family--sometime during the move--but all attempts to turn back the clocks have failed. Max woke and I sent HIM back to bed. He tried but it didn't take.

So here it is 7:01 and I've worked some, knit a few rows on a sock, read a story out of the new Yarn Harlot book (I'll send it to you next, Charlotte), had a big fat bagel . . . Max is awake and playing something on his gamecube. There's a fire in the wood pellet stove and I'm starting to warm up a smidge although I'm feeling pretty desperate for caffeine.

After Max's afternoon piano lesson I am SO taking a nap. Think my last 1099 will show up in the mail today? Think my tax software will? I hope so. Tomorrow would be a good day to work on that.

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