Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another Day :::Poof::: Up in Smoke

I know we pack a lot into a day, but some days fly by so quickly I seriously don't understand how it can already be dark out--even as I marvel that true darkness held out till a quarter of eight tonight.

We got up early enough, thanks to Max who actually offered to take Emily outside on her walk. This NEVER happens so I was pretty happy about that. Then we were all sucked up in the vortex that was today including two trips to the grocery store, a trip our to our favorite horse farm for composted manure, a trip to the doctor to get some shots (which ended up flirting with drama as the doctor they'd seen last summer had failed to record in their records my intention of splitting up their shots, so they were wanting me to come back this summer and have all eight diseases plunged into my twins at once and I'm just not into that--and then, just as suddenly, it was no big deal. The nurse found an understanding doctor to sign for it, the twins got two shots, two stickers, and mooched Easter cookies off the nurses at the nursing station--which made it ALL better), Emily to the groomer, Max to his piano lesson, me to the post office and the library and everything else on this list, while Chris toiled away at his desk writing his freelance writing thing.

Normally I think of Thursdays as the big hairy do everything day, so this doesn't bode well for tomorrow (swimming and piano for the twins, group music theory for Max). Plus I have to pack for the three of us and figure out which knitting to bring along. Today I set aside the OWS to work on the Shetland shawl, which to my inexperienced-lace-knitting mind is like setting aside your calculus text to do a few pages of statistics instead (except that I was way better at calculus and statistics).

Today the piano teacher asked if Max was going to do this weekend of activities at the end of April and I was sitting there trying to not feel totally overwhelmed by the chunk of our lives devoted to piano lessons and piano practice--when suddenly it occurred to me that I could just say no. So I did. "Yes, we'll do the recital, but I don't think we'll try to do the other weekend there at the end of April."

And she said, "Okay." And that was the end of it. Ha! I'm so proud of myself.

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slawebb said...

good job saying no!! that deserves some credit. I have a really hard time syaing no to things. Like babysitting a friend's kids from church who have very bad behavior. It's always been tough for me to say no. But, like you, I'm getting better at it. Pretty soon I'll say no to everything... just kidding. I do have to find a balance in that though. I shouldn't say no all the time, just say yes when I can and under my conditions. Yay for you. Hope you have a great trip with the twinks.