Monday, March 19, 2007

More Photos of the Snow Storm

We bought this toy shovel for $5 about 6 weeks ago. It is the PERFECT size for Ben and Milo and they make good use of it. Here is Milo busily clearing the walk in front of the house.

Max fighting the mighty wind.

Milo tossing snow over his shoulder (click on it to enlarge).

Milo's path. Already getting snowed over.

Robin in the Holly Tree. There were a half dozen of them flying in and out and eating the berries.

One more. This picture Max took. I think it's very funny :) It's the garden stake poking out of the top of the snow.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool!! Looks like the snow that we had our first winter here in Sparks. We haven't had anything close to that since.

It's in the 60s and sunny here now. Sorry...had to brag a little!