Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Off to See the Wizard . . .

This weekend I am taking the twinks and heading to Michigan for a weekend with The Aunts and Great-Grandma Helen (she's my grandma, but she's my kids' great-grandma) and at least one cousin and of course, my Uncle Denny. We are going to go hear The Yarn Harlot talk on Sunday, and I think Saturday is set aside for sitting around and knitting. Or maybe shopping or something. I don't really know. I just know it's a little four-day road trip and I'm very happy about going.

. . . . When I'm not feeling a little guilty, because technically, we're beyond broke and it's going to take us until about the end of June to get caught up. But Denny has been nagging us to come since we moved here and it was Chris who said, when he heard about the Harlot's new tour, that we should really try to find a way for me to go . . . and when I asked if the twins could come, everyone was so enthusiastic about it. (But none as pleased and excited as the twinkies themselves.) So we're going.

The OWS (Orenburg Warm Shawl) is being more cooperative today, so I'm off to work some on that. It really is pretty when it's not being impossible.

Ben and Milo officially graduated to the next level in YMCA swimming. They're little Rays. Yay! My dream of having all three boys on the swim team this summer is still alive! (unlikely, but alive anyway)

It was gorgeous here today. 75. I was thrilled until about five minutes ago when the first mosquito of the season went buzzing by.


Writing and Living said...

Have a good trip!

slawebb said...

You deserve to have a little break. Just keep up the positive thinking and you'll have all you need. Have a great trip. Funny how mom's let everyone else have fun, but seldom make sure we are having fun. Even though we need it most.