Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Life in a Musical

Milo lives occasionally in a musical. During these periods, much like Japeth in Hoodwinked, he must sink everything he says. Today is a snow day (happy sigh, I went back to bed after checking the school district website and slept another three hours till 9am) and the boy is in great spirits. So I heard warbling up from the basement a song about drinking chocolate milk and going to talk to mom.

I made a deal. You guys get naked and get yourselves dressed in clean clothes, then I'll get you the chocolate milk.

Ben is still trying to reopen negotiations, but I'm sticking to my guns.

Jill delivered the girl scout cookies I ordered. I have girl scout cookies. I have yarn. I have . . . no real need to leave the house!


PupDaddy said...

Save some for me!

Wait. That won't happen.

Buy some more for me! But right before I get home. So, you know, you can save them for me. I think there is something in the Geneva Convention about not requiring human beings to own Girl Scout Cookies without eating them.

network_weasel said...

IHere is what I have found to work wonders: Buy two boxes. Distract her with one, leaving you time to enjoy the other. A strong door with a good lock to hide behind is also a good idea, as once she finds out what you are up, you are in so much trouble it is almost worth it.

The Queen said...

Silly boys. I bought 9 boxes of girl scout cookies. 2 boxes are in the freezer waiting for Chris's return. 2 boxes are MINE ALL MINE. 2 boxes are gifted to respective preschool and 5th grade teachers. The other 3 boxes are being gobbled at breakneck speed by three young growing boys. 1 box of peanut butter thingies already gone. One half box of mint thingies already gone.

PupDaddy said...

OH you're good.

What flavor thigies does Daddy get?

The Queen said...

One box of mint thingies and one box of something else.

Dy said...

LOL! I don't think I'd leave, either.

Love the "gift a month" project idea. Hmmm.

Don't you love those who sing their way through life? We have one like that, and he always makes me smile when I hear it. Well, almost always. There are times, not so much - but that's usually situation-specific, or an issue w/ the lyrics.