Monday, March 19, 2007

Who-Hoo! I Did It!

Not only did I remember to take photos of finished objects during this afternoon's snow storm, but I figured out how to use Picasa to upload more than one photo at a time!

So, Max, age 10, wearing his new red striped sweater. My own pattern, Brown Sheep's Prairie Silk.

My take on "Fetching" in Berocco Ultra Alpaca.

My finished Finnish Mittens. The person who gets them knows they're for her. Do I tuck them away and give them to her as a stocking stuffer next year or just send them on over, knowing she won't be able to wear them until next winter?

The finished cotton sweater for Sarah's Sabbine, although I'm thinking now that it'll be too small for her and I should send it along with a second sweater--then this one can be for little sister--at least in another two years or so.

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Dy said...

Wow, look what you can accomplish with one good snow storm! That's a gorgeous display of accomplishments, Lady - woohoo!

Max is looking more and more Fine Young Man and less and less Lil' Pup every day, isn't he? It didn't hit me until this photograph. But then, *pow*, he's growing up!


slawebb said...

Not that we'd say no, but you so totally don't need to send another sweater. You have so much on needles right now, I can't even imagine doing that to you. It did turn out to be a beautiful sweater, not that I have much doubt. Love.