Sunday, March 04, 2007

Peaceful, Snowy Sunday

It flurried on and off today. I happen to think falling snow is one of the prettiest sights there are (assuming you're not stuck, say, on an interstate with no gas, three kids in the car and six inches of ice on the road). We were late to church because by the time we got home last night I had three kids hysterical with exhaustion. Max kept waking up for the last 45 minutes or so, not being able to recognize where we were in the dark, and assuming we had hours more to go--then he'd start crying his odd keening cry and I'd reach out and try to comfort his half-awake self there in the dark. So I couldn't bring myself to wake them this morning--and we were late.

But we did go and we had fun. The twins made pinwheels (I missed the pinwheel/Jesus connection, but I'm sure it was in there somewhere) and Max's scout leader found him and gave him his Pinewood Derby Kit (which made his morning) and then . . . then it was noon and time to go home again.

I spent the Sabbath reading about tomatoes and snoozing in the green chair in the living room while trying to get some knitting done. In between I made phone calls trying to hook up Chris with some Northern California missionaries because he really needs another set of hands.

Tomorrow is Monday and that means school and preschool and meal planning and grocery shopping and cleaning the kitchen top to bottom. Oh, and knitting on Chris's sock because the sock yarn apparently came in to the LYS on Saturday while I was away. There was a message on my answering machine. So maybe Chris will come home from California to a finished pair of socks.

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