Thursday, March 08, 2007


Thursday was swim lessons and sewing up Max's sweater (I sewed up Sabine's sweater last night). I was reminded how much I hate sewing up and why I always put it off, but nevertheless, am happy with the finished results. It was piano lessons for the twins and picking up the Orenburg shawl again. It was Max's group piano lesson and more lectures to all three of them on listening and being respectful and just generally having to put my foot down about certain things (some days are like that). And then as suddenly as it began, it was over.

Tomorrow begins spring break. I have no plans other than knitting, cooking, and cleaning. But mostly knitting. With this "calendar club" thing I'm doing, my goal is to knit one Christmas present each month. January's was a scarf and February's was a pair of fingerless mittens. March's is another scarf (I don't get to pick the project, the store owner does). In this case, it's one I dislike enough that I'm refusing to do the one she's picked out and I'm doing one from a knitting book I already own with the yarn I bought to do hers. I have to pick up Chris from the airport on the day of this month's class anyway, so I'm sticking to the spirit of the thing, but not the actual object. Having made that decision, I promptly tabled the project and put in its place the Orenburg shawl. Now that I have the right needles, the right techniques . . . I want to make some real progress. If I'm going to be unemployed for at least another week, I might as well get my shawl "out of retrograde" and moving forward again. That means completing at least four repeats of the right border chart. I think, and I may be fooling myself, that I can make that much progress in a day if I don't do much of anything else.

But it's time to finish the Orenburg. Enough futzing around! I am in FINISH THINGS mode! I sewed up two sweaters this week! My next two projects to be completed will be Chris's socks and the Orenburg shawl (in that order). I tend to have at least two projects actively going at the same time. One smaller one that goes with me to swim lessons, piano lessons, and anywhere else there might possibly be waiting involved. One larger or more complicated one that stays at home. So these are perfect.


Aunt Charlotte said...

Stitches East is in Baltimore, 10/11-14. They have a class on sewing seams, among MANY others. Just saying.

The Queen said...

Are you going?

aunt charlotte said...

It's moved into the range of possibilities- unlike previous years when I just threw out the flyer. It would be fun to see K,J,&O.

The Queen said...

O has teeth! I haven't seen them yet.