Monday, March 05, 2007


It is unbelievably, freakishly cold out right now. A combination of some Canadian air and big wind. I think we're scheduled to get a few more inches of snow on Wednesday. Yesterday I successfully ignored the cold and made up handsome looking tags for all of my tomato varieties. Today I went out to this tree farm/country store type place that I've passed often, but never been in. I had the twins so it was a whirlwind tour, but it was a cute little place with a kind of alternative attitude. Birchbark baskets, exotic varieties of honey, and lots and lots of flower and vegetable seeds. They were charmed by Ben (who charms on purpose, and thus is supremely satisfied when he gets the desired result) and Milo and I found some good onions, but not the specific plant I was looking for. They said they get that plant only in plant form (not seeds) and put me on a calling list for when it comes in (brussel sprouts, if you're wondering. Chris is always threatening to feed them to the kids, so I thought I'd call his bluff and try growing some.)

I miss him. I made the plane reservations and I drew up a list of what he should do there everyday and I was the one who decided he needed this long stretch of time, so there is noone to blame buy myself. But I tell you what, even a happy little introvert like myself NEEDS her Chosen Few and when she counts them and there is one missing . . . it's tough. But our weird life is such that we are rarely without each other for more than a couple of hours. This will be our longest separations since the twins were itty bitty infants and Honda got the bright idea . . . well, anyway. We don't spend all that much time apart.

Where was I? Oh yes, the twins and I were shopping. After the garden place, we went to Sam's Club where we stocked up on ketchup, mayonnaise, Raisin Bran, various varieties of frozen nuggets, cleaning solutions, and dairy products. We went home, unloaded the truck, and went to fetch Max. Then we went to Wegman's where we got a very early (and light) dinner of chinese food from the buffet and sat and planned out the meals for the next two weeks together. (It is funny to meal plan with two five-year-olds and a 10-yr-old. Luckily the 10-yr-old has a basic understanding of good nutrition and the 5-yr-olds weren't hungry--having just eaten--so they weren't feeling very demanding.) This gave us our final grocery list, which took us no time at all to round up. We paid for that stuff and went home and collapsed. The kids watched Treasure Planet and I balanced the checkbook.

Now, somehow, it is a quarter to ten and the house is quiet and the boys are sleeping. I am going to knit for a few minutes and then join them.

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Aunt Charlotte said...

Brussel sprouts are good! You must pick them early, or they get woody. And pickled brussel sprouts are to die for! CN (in the interests of less disclosure) does them- get her recipe.