Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Can't Complain

This week I've had to do a lot of reading for a comparatively small amount of writing. A lot of the research could be done on the internet, so I had the (very rare) pleasure of being able to knit as I sat here reading along in my comfy green chair, occasionally pausing to hit "PgDn" with a knitting needle.

So I finished one unfinished sweater, made some progress on a sock, did a few rows on another sweater, and just generally enjoyed enjoying my job a bit.


Max had a busy day. He and Chris finished their project and then I took Max to get a hair cut. He begged me for blond highlights and I caved. I can't help it. He looks good with them.

From there he went to speech--I stayed to watch for once and it was soon clear to me that he has completely slain his speech therapist. She thinks he's The Coolest Kid in the World and he knows it. They brought in another speech therapist graduate student so young I was tempted to card her. Inside two minutes she belonged to him, too. They bonded over a conversation about Mario Kart.

I knitted, read a magazine article, and wondered what sort of physical labor I could get Max involved in that might keep him too busy and grimey and maybe stinky for the girls to notice him until he was, oh, 24 or so. I need to get him involved in barn building or mucking out horse stalls or . . . something.

On the upside, he's not stuttering.

Chris and I meet with Max's new fifth grade teachers on Friday morning. He starts school there on Monday. I think that's why he wanted the hair-do.

I discovered today that Ben can sound out -at words only if the a is a proper primary a. He has no clue what vowel that is--the thing that looks a soup spoon. This renders one of our early-reader sets useless. But then--it's published by Scholastic. You'd think they'd know better.

Tomorrow the dogs get hair cuts. I get to spend the day at the library. The kids get to mostly veg. Ben has named his stomach bug "Kermie". Milo's tummy bug made him cry tonight with nearly constant runs. He's hungry, so he eats a lot, then it turns against him. Tomorrow I'll look for kids kaopectate in some kind of palatable form. They're getting dark circles around their eyes. They need a break.

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slawebb said...

Don't forget the farmer's daughter. She probably likes all that mucking. Makes her man strong! there's no where to hide that boy. Just teach him to only use his powers for goo, not for evil. ;)