Thursday, March 16, 2006

Oh my Heavens

Spencer the Adorable conquers us all.
One freakin' proud and grateful husband and smitten dad.
One brand new grandma. Another dream came true for her today.

Aren't babies AMAZING?!?!?

(I didn't post the Mom's picture because she's still in her gown in the picture. Love!)


Aunt Charlotte said...

I say, Mom's eyes, and Dad's nose. I hear he has her dark hair and his guitar pickin fingers! On to a more practical note, doesn't that hat look hand knit?

The Queen said...

Okay, you made me open the original photo and zoooom in. I don't think it's handknit because a) the seam across the top is straight and handknitters don't do that so much and b) the color is PERFECTLY matched to the bedding. I think the hospital gets a gazillion baby blankets, sheets, and newborn hats from Neonatology-R-Us and they all match. That's my theory.

And I agree on the eyes and nose part.

Anonymous said...

I just looooove seeing baby pictures. Almost as much as I love newborns! Spencer is adorable.


Kim said...

Babies are such a terrific way to start people!! He is precious!!!!!