Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Things Done

I just found the weird little adapter thing that will read the memory card in my (totally battery dead) digital camera, so lets upload a few photos. First, Ben and Milo modeling their Olympic sweaters in 2nd Time Cotton, "Nantucket."

Next the "LPT":



I know, the button placement is off. Short version is that the way the sweater is designed, one button would face IN and one would face OUT. I thought that was weird, but went ahead and followed the pattern. When I had washed the sweater though, a tiny gap had developed in the spot where you see the right button. I decided what the heck--and made it the second button hole. I like it better that way and the new owner won't care (and will find it easier to button).

We went to meet the angel who will be wearing that outfit today. FAR more beautiful than the sweater. My gosh, what a precious baby doll. And her big brother looked like he'd grown three inches overnight. He was so proud.

Sing it with me!

"She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny
cabled woolen sweater thingy
that she got from the lady next door . . ."


slawebb said...

Okay so I'm not a knitter, but WOW that is amazing! Those are beautiful sweaters! I wish I was your kid so I could have a sweater hand knitted by you. Then again I wish I had talent like that. I have yet to find a talent that will not pack the weight on my stomach, thighs etc. I need something to do with my hands. Anyway, good job on the sweaters.

Aunt Charlotte said...

Beautiful sweaters!

Hobici said...

Very nice blog,

Did you visit my blog???


Dy said...

ROFLOL! I love the song, and will now have that version of it stuck in my head all day!

The boys look soooo rico in their new sweaters! I love them. Would you make sweaters for money? I'm serious. I haven't the skill to make things like this, nor the fortitude to venture into shops that might sell things like this, and yet I yearn for my boys to wear lovely sweaters! Please?

Ok, I'll quit begging now. For a little while, anyway.

Have a great wednesday!

Writing and Living said...

Lovely work!