Thursday, March 16, 2006


No sooner do we start to recover--we don't even get to "one good day" anymore--than a new string of symptoms take over. Max is sporting a high fever, chills, and a big grouch. Milo put himself down for a nap and is looking very pink cheeked himself. I'm popping dayquils desperately because as soon as they wear off I'm skewered by pain in my cheek below my eye, in my right ear, and through my right jaw.

I just flippin' give up, okay?

The day wasn't without its upsides. I had finished Spencer's sweater last night but the neck opening looked a bit on the small side. It was 1:00 am (I couldn't sleep because of the eye/ear/jaw pain thing--I didn't have dayquil last night) so I put it down, took whatever I could find in my cabinet that promised pain relief, and then went to bed. So this morning I frogged it back to the point where I'd started to knit straight and did three more rows of decreases and changed the way I finished the rest of the neck. I picked up stitches along the sides of the V and gave the sweater a ribbed V-neck opening. It came out smashingly. It's drying right now. I had a little bit of yarn left over, so I tried to make a matching hat, but it wasn't enough yarn. Would a boy wear a yarmulka (sp?) knit in chunky handspun?

Pictures tomorrow after the sweater is dry, and only if there's real sun.

Update: Ben put himself to bed 15 minutes ago (6:45 pm).

Update: I just stared off into space for 40 minutes.


Writing and Living said...

You poor things. Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

That's not fair. I banish all nefarious single-celled organisms and viruses from your home.


There. Feel better?


JoVE said...

The sickness sounds horrible. HOpe you work out how to get rid of all of it soon.

As for the leftover sweater yarn, do you have something in a similar weight in a coordiating colour in teh stash? If so you could do a hat with a matching stripe or two.