Friday, March 31, 2006

Sunny and 75 degrees


beautiful day.

We met with Max's teachers--nice people. They pretended not to notice how neurotic this is making Chris and I. We kept our composure. Noone cried. I only repeated myself about five times. Chris only repeated himself about five times. (We didn't let Max come. As far as he knows we are ALL FOR THIS and think it's a WONDERFUL IDEA and blah, blah, blah.)


It was SUCH a beautiful day that I let the seedlings go outside and play. They're safely back inside now and back under the lights, but they seemed to enjoy their day outside.

There's a plant sale at the school in six weeks. Max and I are trying to decide whether to plant the rest of the tomato seeds in paper cups and try to sell them as tomato plants there. There's probably some kind of fee for that.

I really need another set of size 1 metal dpns. Anyone have a set they want to let go? I have two. Two lonely little size 1 metal dpns. I need two to three more. Or 5, if you have 5 to get rid of. I'm using a set of size 2 dpns for a pair of socks in minion size. According to the yarn label and my tendency to knit too tight--it ought to work. But it doesn't quite. It's pretty, but loosey goosey.

Emily is desperate for a walk and it's still warm out, so . . . . I'm off to humor her.


Eliza said...

When Monday comes, we'll have the lot of you in out prayers.

BabaGaye said...

How can you guys be basking in sunny and 75 degrees when Sunny California is drowning?

Dy said...

HuH? I missed something, but I can't find it. I knew you were considering school for next year, but didn't know about the remainder of this year. I'll have a cookie in your honor and think of you on Monday morning. I hope it goes well. :-)


Aunt Charlotte said...

Good Morning! no size 1's dp's. Sorry!

Anne said...

I have a set I'd be happy to part with. I've been looking for an excuse to de-lurk and introduce myself as a long-time friend of your brother Jason. He pointed me to your blog last fall and it's now one of my must-reads. My email is ahm at umich dot edu if you want to take me up on the needles.