Friday, March 03, 2006

More On That

So I stopped by my local yarn store (LYS) on my way to Max's piano lesson to see if they have the ability to order this particular brand of lace-weight yarn that I was looking at. They do--but they also had some lace-weight in stock. She showed me what they have, then allowed that the selection was looking kind of thin, but that if I wasn't ordering too outlandish a color, they could get plenty more of it. The handkerchief shawl that Mrs. B had worn last week (this week is was an earth-toned cardigan) had green as the dominant color, so I mentioned that. The LYS owner looked relieved (I guess she's known me long enough to know that she can't rule out the possibility I might want a hot pink shawl. I wouldn't, but I know me better.)--but then I noticed the yarn UNDER the one she was pointing to and I said, "Can you make lace with THIS?!?" She said I could, it would just be a smidge heavier and warmer than the other. Well, ppff--heavier and warmer is good for my purposes.

We went off to piano and I finished the second sleeve of Little Pink Thing (LPT) and started on the neckline and realized I was going to need the buttons before the end of the weekend. So after the lesson we went home and I got my checkbook. Milo asked me where I was going. "I'm going to the yarn store."

"To get more yarn to make me a SHIRT?!?" and he smiled a gleeful smile and I said the only thing you can say to a charming four-year-old who wants you to knit him a shirt. "Of course!"

So I went to the yarn store and I bought one skein of the kid mohair fog (there's a strand in there somewhere, but it's basically kid mohair foof with a strand running down the middle) that I'll use to do the Orenburg aptitude test and one skein of cotton blend for another Oliver sweater and two buttons for the LPT. Then I came home before I endangered our grocery budget for the week.

On the way home I was mulling over the fact that I desperately want more yarn. Having knit everything in my stash except six skeins of purple Noro wool and a gazillion skeins of blue cotton, I have a stash vacuum. I thought I'd been so clever and frugal knitting primarily from stash for the last six months--but no--now I'm suffering the consequences. I have empty plastic stash containers and they all want to be FULL.

So I drove home from my LYS (all three-ish blocks--it's COLD out there!) thinking about that cotton wondering WHAT it could become because so far it has refused to name its project when I suddenly remembered Sarah's most recent project and wondered if they'd go for something like that . . . so I showed it to Milo and got approval. Now I just need to find a pattern for something like that online because I don't have any more money to buy the book she mentions.

So let's count:

On the needle:
1. One summery blue sweater for me that I promise I'll finish before summer is over.
2. One yellow sweater for Baby Oliver
3. One twin sweater that I'm going to attempt to finish tonight.
4. One LPT
5. One French Children's sock (which is a misnomer as it's really sized for a woman)

In the mail:
1. One book on Orenburg shawls

Upcoming projects:
1. Orenburg Aptitude Test
2. One wool sweater for Milo of undetermined pattern
3. Two cabeled cotton sweaters for the twins from Grandma's really magnificent blue cotton
4. One LBT (little blue thing) for Baby Oliver in yarn I don't own yet
5. Probably another little outfit for Baby Oliver in a slightly larger size with a yarn I don't own yet.

I'm only three rows from finishing the first portion of the LPT, so I'm off to do that. Although seeing as how it's 5:20, I supposed I should stop first and go look at my schedule and see what it was I thought I'd be feeding everyone tonight.

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