Saturday, March 11, 2006

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Today we got a sneak preview of spring. Not great timing since it meant that it was just simply physically IMPOSSIBLE for me to stay at my desk working all day. It was sunny, it was 59 going on 69 and the house felt stale to me. I didn't take ALL the plastic off the windows. Just one in each room. And in the basement I was staring at the weird little half windows we have and sulking because they don't open when I noticed these rusted little levers along the bottom. I gave a tug and another tug and POP -- the windows came out on little sliding thingies. It's not pretty, they look dorky when they're open, but there is a breeze running through my breezeless basement.

In a way I'm grateful to the ferocious ick which returned in my own chest yesterday and has me sucking unhappily on the stupid inhaler every two hours, and sometimes more. I pooped out on yard work after only 40 minutes. This is GOOD as otherwise I might have been tempted to try to dig out the lawn for the garden. This would be bad as I really should get hold of a wheel barrow before I attempt that feat.

I settled instead for raking the side yard, taking down a few storm windows, and working some more on my garden plans. I made a few pots to start some seeds in from newspaper and sketched out a time line for building my raised garden. That pretty much took care of the day. Now, I'm off to work on laundry. The pile of clean and dirty laundry looks menacing, but I have a brown belt and I'm not afraid to use it. (No, literally a brown belt.)

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you feel so bad. Hopefully the chest cruddiness will go away soon.

But you know, even when you're sick you get more accomplished than I do! Reading your blog always motivates me to get out from behind my computer and DO something.