Friday, March 17, 2006

Sick Science

Max is at that stage of illness where he's still running a fever and moaning and complaining about his sore throat when the advil wears off--but while the advil is working he feels fine, albeit sick of being sick and bored with being bored.

So I told him to take a shower, get dressed, and get the bag of dirt out of the back of the truck. I'd made the "containers" on Saturday and Sunday so all we had to do today was fill them with dirt, stick seeds in them, and label them. Since we're both sick, neither of us has any short-term memory to speak of, so we definitely made the labels as we went. Even so Max thinks I planted a leek on his onion (he's more likely to be right than wrong there).

Anyway, I think I want three more tomato plants and I have some herb seeds to start, but that's most of them. I'm borrowing some cookie sheets and a heating mat from Jill this afternoon and then we'll move them all in to sit under the light box. I need to move some furniture around a bit and I'm loathe to give up my favorite sunny spot for the plants but . . . whatcha gonna do?

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