Saturday, March 25, 2006


I had a nice long post last night and then like a dingbat I closed the window without saving. So it's gone.

Here's the Cliff Notes:

1. Lots and lots of work now. This is good though as it eventually means more money.
2. Got paid yesterday. Max and I went to Lowe's and spent our entire garden budget. We bought a second blueberry bush (apparently blue berry bushes need a friend from a different variety to bear fruit well), 10 strawberry plants (hopefully they won't die before they're transplanted), three pots to make into a strawberry planter (oh we feel so clever--the strawberry pots they had were among the ugliest we'd ever seen, were small, and were twice as much as the materials to make our own), lumber to make our 4' by 8' raised garden beds, and a new pair of gardening gloves for me. [Still need: a wheelbarrow (this will have to be an estate sale find. I want a good one and I'm not paying $75 for it.), gravel, peat moss and soil, more large pots for the fruit bushes and some of the tomatoes. There are at least 5 weeks till we pass our hard frost date though. The berry bushes seem to be snoozing happily in the cool food storage room.]

Knitting-related post later.


slawebb said...

Have you ever looked at/ read the Lasagna Gardening book. I can't remember who wrote it and am too lazy to look it up on Amazon. Anyway, it's a great book about raised beds to produce maxium fruit baring.

The Queen said...

No, but I have Square Foot Gardening and The Vegetable Grower's Bible and they both have information on the same.

Sarah, email me. I could probably finish that cotton sweater this week, but I don't know how long to make the sleeves for your daughter, so I need a measurement from her shoulder to wrist with the arm slightly bent.