Saturday, March 04, 2006

Needle in a Hay Stack

I slept in this morning and rose to find that noone had taken the poor dogs out and the twins refused to let anyone else feed them--so the first hour of up-ness passed in a flurry of dog pottying and twin feeding. I'd finished knitting Milo's sweater last night and I really wanted to weave in the ends, sew on the buttons, and give it to him. I also wanted to wash the LPT and block it before sewing on its buttons.

But I couldn't find my yarn needle. I'd only used it the night before weaving in the ends on the LPT, so it should have been on or near my desk. Or, it could have been on or near the coffee table where I'd left the LPT and Milo's sweater. But it wasn't.

My desk, which looks nothing like the last picture I posted of it since it invariably returns to its feral state within a day or two of constant use, wouldn't cough up the needle no matter how hard I pleaded. To make matters worse, it became clear to me that the wood pellet stove was being more than its typical stubborn self and was refusing to light. The icing on the cake came when I managed to convince it to try to light--which somehow resulted in the wood pellets catching fire for a bit then going out and filling the house with smoke.

We turned on fans and opened all the doors and I called the wood pellet stove people and talked to them for awhile, but they weren't much help. They made a service appointment for Monday. I got off the phone and found a screwdriver and began to tinker, taking the wet/dry vac with me to clean out every orafice I uncovered. By the time I was done I'd vacuumed out a couple pounds of ash from all its secret places and had spit-shined the rest of it (okay, not really, but it was really clean). I plugged it back in and it was so darn happy it made fire for the next 45-minutes straight.

Thank goodness. With all the doors open we were freezing.

Now back to looking for that needle. To make a long story short, by 1:45 I'd cleaned my entire office area, reorganized my stash, cleaned my knitting area in the living room and only managed to find my OTHER set of yarn needles. I settled down, wove in the ends on Milo's sweater, sewed on the buttons, and then went downstairs to tell Chris it was done. I put my hand in my jeans pocket then and found . . . the missing needle. I'd put it in my pocket when I was done last night (it's a cheap plastic yarn needle).

Sigh . . .

We decided we all wanted out of the house so we went to Wegman's to do some grocery shopping. The mother of the baby who gets the LPT came home from the hospital yesterday so we wanted to make the family some meals. We got a ton of everything we're planning on making and I'll make two of everything. One for them and one for us. We'll have some good meals in the freezer, too. I'm making:

  • bread
  • beef barley stew
  • cold macaroni salad (the one with veggies and vinagarette)
  • shephard's pie
  • potato leek soup
  • poptarts
It was my goal to make easy-to-reheat meals that were anything other than meatloaf or lasagna.

All I did tonight was brown the meat for the shephard's pie and chop the beef for the beef barley stew which will go in the crockpot in the morning.

Then I started to block the LPT. Hmmmm . . . I put it in the water, let it soak a minute or two, took it out and gently squeezed the water out of it, went to place it in the towel and discovered that it had grown. I tried sort of shaping it back into the size it was supposed to be, but it laughed at me. So I rolled it up in the towel to get the rest of the water out and then placed it on the couch cushion I was blocking it out on. I was initially horrified by the changes it was undergoing, but soon saw that as long as I coaxed it back into the proper dimensions, it was happy to settle back into being a little pink sweater.

It's just size 6/9 months now instead of newborn.

I started on the socks tonight. I'm not making any changes to the pattern. If it grows when washed it will hopefully grow at the same rate of the sweater. I'll be sure to mention to the baby's mother that it MUST be handwashed and then she'll want to reshape it when she lays it flat to dry.

I'm SO glad I washed it before sewing on the buttons.

I just heard the twins talking. It's 11:10. Off to give them the hairy eyeball and put myself to bed.

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