Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Anyone Know?

Ben is asking me to knit him "Christmas Mittens." Anyone have a good (easy and quick is pretty important right now) pattern?

The second of the orange mittens is still missing. It amuses me to blog about this because it causes the Amazon Candy Isle ad on the sidebar to pick children's books featuring the nursery rhyme about the three little kittens who lost their mittens. Buy some! I get a kick back.


Writing and Living said...

I found some Santa mittens:

The Queen said...

See? It's this kind of kitsch that makes me break out in hives and makes the twins dance with joy. I'm obligated to you. That's exactly what Ben wants. You're good. (I'm not making that nose, though. I'm buying a tiny piece of pink fluff at Michaels and sewing it on.)

I'm gonna cheat on the beard and do ordinary stockinette and just carry-along white eyelash yarn.

Writing and Living said...

Glad you like it. Good idea about the eyelash yarn. Hopefully they'll work up quickly before the hives get too bad.

I actually found them through