Thursday, November 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Sweet Twinkies

Happy Birthday, Ben--my "all boy, all the time" Ben. My "I got that for you, Mom," Ben. I love you for your desire to put the world in order and tell us all how things ought to go. I love you for the trust you put in me when I tell you that I'll consider your suggestions, but I'm still The Mom and we'll be doing it my way today. "Okay, Mom." I love you for the songs you compose on the piano and I love you for the fact that you can't go to sleep without a hug and a kiss and maybe two more. I love you for sleepy snuggles and the songs you sing and your passionate desire to help. I love you, middle son. I love you, Ben.

Happy Birthday, Milo--my mini-me. My snuggly porcupine. The only other true "cat" in this house. My "I'm not convinced that the rest of you are paying enough attention to be making these decisions" Milo. My "If you would just listen to me, you'd see it my way and do it my way" Milo. My "maybe, today, you could teach me all the rest of reading," Milo. Like me, somedays you're pretty sure that if we just got started early enough today we could paint our own Cistine Chapel. I love you, beautiful boy. I love you, Milo.


Writing and Living said...

Happy Birthday, Ben and Milo.

Dy said...

Happy, Wonderful, Blessed Birthday, Ben and Milo!!!