Saturday, November 18, 2006

Thank You

Thank You, Grandma Helen, for you know what. It's very much appreciated. Thank you also, for the gifts for Ben and Milo's birthday. They pretty much made today possible.

Thank You, Grandma Judy, for coming all the way from Ohio and never once saying how grossed out you were by my carpet, and for entertaining the twins as only you can with a display of your funny steamed hair curler machine. And for all of your help in picking up the Great Room downstairs. It's the end of a Big Birthday Day and my house is cleaner than it was at the start of the day.

Thank You, all the parents who knew they could drop off their kids at the bowling alley--but decided to stick around and make sure things went smoothly. We had 17 kids and they only gave us two lanes and we might have dissolved into chaos had there not been extra hands to entertain the 15 kids whose turn it wasn't. (Not that the parents who left were in the wrong. I really didn't expect anyone else to stay. It just worked out well--the actual adult:child ratio.)

Thank You, Ben and Milo--for being good hosts and sharing your turns with your friend who arrived late--so he couldn't get his name in and therefore didn't get an official turn.

Thank You, bowling alley, for those nifty kiddie ball-aiming things, and the guards that deflected the ball away from the gulleys.

Thank You, stranger, who gave us all the six-lb balls as soon as you were done with them.

Than You, God, for making it cold again. Every warm day in November gives me these apocolyptic heebies. Now that you've decided to make it snow tomorrow, do you think you could throw the weather-man a curve ball and make some of it stick? The radio-station here has broken (I'm sure) FCC regulations and started playing Christmas music today. That's, like, five days early! They're not supposed to start Christmas music until after the football game on Thanksgiving Day! Anyway, as wrong as it is, it has me in the mood for snow.

Thank You, Me, for not being a Party-Pooper (as I know you better than anyone else--you are--you are the Party Poopiest) and canceling the party when work got so hairball. Taking a break to clean the house last night and this morning has created an environment that we're all happier in. Taking a break and guiding 1,700 children in tossing marble balls down an alley (WHY is bowling SO MUCH FUN?) was exactly what my stressed-out, over-taxed brain needed to come back and write a whole bunch of bowling-themed math problems.

Thank You, Emily, for amusing the heck out of us with your fascination with the new radio-controlled John Deere combine. And thank you for not actually eating it. Or killing it.

And so, the basement is clean. The living room is kinda clean (it was clean--then we filled it with new birthday presents). I lectured the family on trying to keep it that way for two days so I don't have to do a full house cleaning at midnight before we go on our trip. I'm feeling grateful for a day well spent. And now--I must work and do laundry, pretty much nonstop, till it's time to leave for Indiana because I really, really, really, really don't want to be working in the car all the way to Indiana (although I will if I have to because by Golly I'm NOT working once we get out of the car in Indiana).


slawebb said...

I don't know how often you hear it, but you are an amazing woman. You do so much for your family and despite your busy schedule you make room for friends to stop by and you throw a kid party that makes me weep (with fear.) I still haven't thrown Sabine a kid party. I might make it one more year, but after she starts school I'm cooked. Enjoy your time with your family work free!!

The Queen said...

No,no. The whole point of the bowling thing is that you pay to get that "big party" feeling without one actual child (other than your own) stepping foot in your house and NO other parents seeing your icky carpet.

And honestly, when it came to the party--any work I did was equally matched by Chris. There were two lanes and he had one and I had the other. HE had the bright idea of getting name tags and putting name tags on all the kids (a godsend). And HE delt with the bowling alley employee who consistently showed great reluctance to work with the public in spite of that being her job.

And yes, we were home free on the birthday issue until preschool came into the picture :)

Writing and Living said...

Glad your party was a success. May you get all your work done early.

I'll wave at you from Illinois on Thanksgiving day.