Monday, November 27, 2006

NOT in Crisis Mode!

I have tended to determine the level of stress in our lives by whether or not we get out Christmas cards. The scale runs something like this.

Stuff Mailed

Nothing--Thank You ------------Christmas-----------with a Christmas
----------cards-late---on time---Cards--late---on time--letter----and photo

10 <-------9--------8------7------6------5------4------3------2------1----> 0

Wicked----------------------------Normal---------------------AND the kitchen
Stressed----------------------------------------------------floor is mopped!!

Okay, so my standards are probably lower than yours, but I can't tell you how excited I am that we're getting the Christmas cards--with a recent photo (although the twins' hair isn't combed) and a Christmas letter--mailed before December 1st. Considering that last year we were squarely at a "9" (I think the thank you notes went out in March or something), this is really something.

Now, honestly, we're not REALLY at a zero stress level, but it means something to me that I can fake it even a bit. (If we were really at a zero, I'd know where the stapler is and the newsletters would already be IN the cards and the cards would be in the mail.)

Today was State-wide holiday--the official start of Buck season. Milo and I went to Belleville and stocked up on dried goods. I tried to get Whole Wheat Pastry Flour, which I need for this year's homemade Christmas gift. No luck. The Mennonite grocery store can order it for me though, so I'm hoping to have it by Friday.

On the way there we saw a gazillion trucks parked by the side of the road along the mountain road where normally there are NO trucks (or cars) parked by the side of the road. On the way back we saw three bucks strapped in creative ways to said trucks. Milo wasn't sure what to make of any of it and I wasn't sure what to tell him. It's sad to see a dead deer. But we eat vennison if given the opportunity. I did my best to answer his questions.

Because I finally had the time, Ben and Milo went shopping today with their birthday money. Ben bought a gameboy game and Milo bought a gamecube game. Milo had a horrible case of buyer's remorse once out of the store, but Target's gameboy game selection was diminished by all the Christmas shoppers, and I didn't feel there was a better choice for him, so I looked at his game and quickly noted that it was a 4-player game (not that common and very popular at home because they really enjoy playing all together) and that redeemed his choice. Normally Monday through Thursday is a gamecube-free zone, but since there was no school today I let them keep the gamecube up today and from the sound of things the new games are a hit. (Mom, the boys spent their gift cards before we left on vacation and the new books were a great hit in the car all the way to Indiana and back.)

More tomorrow! I'm off to knit on a mitten.

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