Saturday, November 04, 2006

Baby Spencer

My aunt sent me this photo a few days ago of my baby cousin Spencer wearing the sweater I made him. Spencer is a few weeks old now (okay, he was born in late March, so that makes him, um, 7 months now). Much like Ben and Milo--that means he is wearing size WayBiggerThan7Months. I'm pretty sure I knit that to about a size 12 months. It's clearly none too small.

I am so thrilled he gets to wear it this winter (and that the neck opening is not too small for his head!)

Anyway, I couldn't post it before because it was sent in a pdf file somehow and I . . . I couldn't figure that out. But I whined to Chris about it tonight and he has adobe something or other and he fixed it. He turned it back into a .jpg. (And then, he accidentally named the file Ryan in Sweater, which is Spencer's DAD's name, and I thought that was very funny. Unless he did that on purpose as commentary on Spencer's likeness to his father.)


Writing and Living said...

When my kids were babies, I would divide the number of the size in half. Six month size? They'll wear it at three. Twelve month size? They'll wear it at six months. Worked every time.

Becca said...

Sweater--gorgeous. And the baby??? So yummy!