Saturday, November 25, 2006

We're Back!!

Gosh, we had a magnificent time!! I think I'm fighting off a bug because I have a headache that comes and goes and an earache that comes and goes and HURTS, but am otherwise in good spirits. It was just so great to relax at the farm. I got lots of knitting done--mostly I just finished things. I did the third mitten of the orange mitten pair that lost the second mitten. I finished the Santa Claus mittens. I finished one Finnish Mitten (and since Karen was there and seemed to like them, I sized them to her) and got to see Baby Oliver one of the sweaters I made him (gosh, he's a cute kid and he makes great noises!). My brother and sister-in-law are terrific parents (we, on the other hand, let the kids gorge themselves on TV--the farm has DISH and we enjoyed time with the adults and pretty much let the kids feast on Cartoon Network). We had apple pie and pumpkin pie and cheese cake and green beans and lentils and stuffing and mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes and turkey and YUM!!

Emily ran around happy and free (except when she was being neurotic and clingy) and I'm very glad we got to bring her with us.

I finished the UAB and I'm wearing it wrapped around me as I type (in my freezing cold house--"Finish Weatherproofing" is near the top of my to-do list for this week).

I'm very excited as it occurred to me on the way home that I only have six whole pages of text to write this coming week. So I shall be cleaning and baking and cleaning and weatherproofing. Tomorrow we'll set up the tree and decorate the front yard and just generally deck the halls.

All my work from this past month is turned in. How great is that? One month of heck, but when I get paid the bills will be paid through January. :::wiggles happily:::

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Dy said...

SWEET! I'm so, so glad you will have a wee bit of a reprieve to enjoy and tend to your home.

Weatherproofing. Yes. Good stuff. We've decided to go with the "red wool blanket" line of window treatments this winter. It helps that Zorak has an aunt who decided we all needed a red wool blanket, so at least the living area matches. :-)

Enjoy your week, and feel better soon!