Friday, November 10, 2006

For Staci

[double-click on pic to get more detail]

I started on my version of the Santa mittens and Max said . . . "Can you make me some reindeer mittens?" Maybe . . . I might try to adapt the sheep mittens from HomeSpun Handknit.

A little further along.

And this is the palm (this is the left-hand mitten, so thumb opening is on left in this view)
I'll tell you what though, these things go fast. If I didn't have to kick myself in the pants and go get some work done, I could finish the first Santa tonight.


Anonymous said...

In the search for higher truth and explanation of the universe's mysteries, I gather you favor the string theory.

Writing and Living said...

LOL about him wanting reindeer mittens. That is exactly what one of my kids would say.

Glad the pattern is working out. My kids are getting nothing more than plain old socks and mittens this year.

slawebb said...

Are mittens easy to knit? Could I "learn" on them? I was at book club the other night, yes already, and most of them knit. I decided that if I could knit socks and mittens and maybe hats I'd be content with my knitting ability and I'd be able to give cool gifts. There is a yarn shop near by. My new friend from book club said she'd pick up a class schedule for me. Maybe I can use some christmas money for a class. We'll see. Thanks again for letting us stay. It was great seeing you again. We'll visit soon I hope.

The Queen said...

Your little munchkin wouldn't require a very long or very wide scarf--that's the best first knitting project because it's one stitch back and forth and you get a chance to build up some speed.

Very plain little kid mittens are *possible* to learn to knit with, but you'd be learning on double-pointed needles and while they're WAY easier to use than they look, they do pose some challenges in terms of keeping the tension of the yarn the same all the way around.

I recommend them as a good second project. They are satisfying because little kid mittens knit on size 5 needles in worsted weight yarn can be done in a weekend--and because little kids are not that picky (as long as you avoid any hated colors).

What's the name of your local yarn store?

slawebb said...

it's called knits & bolts. It's in New Haven which is, apparently the closest yarn shop. They offer lots of classes for knitting and quilting and such. Hope all is well for your gang. Give hugs to all.