Sunday, November 12, 2006

=:* <---whistling in dark

What my calendar says will happen this week.

Today: Workworkwork

Tomorrow: AM: turn in a bunch of work, take an hour to clear off desk and start some laundry, immediately start on reading work for the week. [What will actually happen--I really have no idea. I know I can finish one more math thingy tonight. Can I finish two more?]

Tuesday: Keep plowing ahead in reading. Then, host big parent meeting at the school for school ski intramural program. Come home, keep working.

Wednesday: Drop kids at preschool, go buy 20 cupcakes and a gallon of milk, drop off at preschool so they can celebrate the twins' 5th birthdays. Take Emily to dog park because there's no way I'm getting anything else done until tonight. Pick up twins, cram lunch down their throats, take them to piano lessons, go home, get Max from school, take HIM to piano lesson, go home. Finish reading work.

Thursday: Edit reading work. Turn in. Go back to math work. Thursday night, have whatever the twins want for dinner. Sing them Happy Birthday. Let them open family presents. Max has music class. I work some more.

Friday: Twins to preschool. Max to school school. I work on math and turn that in and then switch RIGHT back to reading. Pick up Max early, take him and twins to doctor. Get a round of flu shots (Note to self: go first.) Back to work. Mom arrives late evening.

Saturday: Maybe I should do some laundry. Be at bowling alley to host twins' "Big Birthday Party" from 1-3. There are 14 kids right now and I gave people one more day to RSVP. Go home. Let Mom entertain wound-up twins. Work.

Sunday: Mom goes home. I workworkwork again.

Monday: Take dog to groomers. Workpackworkpackworkpack. Pick up dog (admire how much like a poodle she looks when she's been properly bathed, trimmed, and brushed). Do NOT go to dog park. Mud BAD. Keep poodle clean for at least a few days. Sheesh. Submit work. Do dishes. go to bed.

Tuesday: Put everyone I really care about in big blue truck. Fill up with gas. Go over the river and through the woods to see Grandmother and Aunt and brother and sister-in-law and the O-Bear and an Amish Turkey and three pies and cheesecake and . . . yum! Knit often, if not constantly. Assess progress on Orenburg Shawl at end of visit. Depending on results--decide whether to make shawl for NEXT Christmas and get Barnes and Noble gift card for this one.


Becca said...

Holy Cow!! just reading this made me tired. Good luck this week--I hope you can make it until next Tuesday!

Writing and Living said...

I'll be praying for you this week. That's a LOT to do (which I gather you already knew).