Thursday, November 16, 2006

Remember that list?

The one of things to do?

It's kicking my keester.

Nevertheless, we have accomplished much. The ski parent meeting was successful. We officially have the ski program up and running. First day is second Tuesday in January. The cupcakes made it to the preschool.

We celebrated their birthdays a day early because Chris had made other plans for tonight. That worked out fine, too. The Schwans guy came around earlier in the day and enabled the twins to pick out some delicious if completely non-nutritive food (I did sneak in some veggies, but not enough to overwhelm the "chicken fries.")

We made it to all the piano lessons for the week. Next week we're "off" due to the holiday. Phew. The bowling alley has their deposit. The cakes have been paid for. I did a lot of work. I feel a day behind, but I am not really an entire day behind. I will need to work all weekend though to make my Monday evening deadline. I am trying not to feel crabby about that.

I can't believe my twins are five today. When did they get so big? Thankfully, they still seem so small.

I'm fried. Can't write another word. Off to an earlish bedtime for me.

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