Wednesday, February 14, 2007

::Deep, Satisfied Sigh::

Today went well. Anything that could go right, did. Everyone who needed a nap, got one. Everyone who needed to shovel the front walk three times in one day, did. I got more time than I really needed at shoveling the (unpaved) driveway, but no biggie. So I'll be a little sore tomorrow :) It's a "good" sore.

Noone threw up. The detailing guy who cleaned out Mom and Dad's car did a good job of it at a price so fair, it wasn't fair. The twins made snow angels and thrilled at going down the hill over and over with Grandma Donna and Grandpa Richard.

I got some work done. And lots of play done. And I am happy.


slawebb said...

You must have gotten a light dusting compared to us. Our car is completely covered, you can't even tell that it is there. I'll send pictures.

Dy said...

Mmm, yes, that is a good day.