Saturday, February 24, 2007

Goin' Bowlin'

So Chris took us all bowling today. Saturday afternoons are smoke free at the bowling alley, but they're also packed. Dawn and her son Zeb joined us (and Dawn's mother, who didn't bowl).

Everybody improved over the last time we played. Ben befriended the group of women next to us and offered them bowling lessons. They thought he was hilarious and darn-near adopted him before the afternoon was done.

One big (no pun intended) downside to bowling pictures, is that they inevitably involve shots of your back side. Maybe I should put this one on the fridge to motivate myself to stay on my diet.

Here's Chris in action:

And Max:

Milo, using the ball aiming device thingy. He's doing his victory dance there.


Zeb celebrating with his mom and with Ben:

Otherwise it was an ordinary Saturday with pumpkin muffins for breakfast, a big family pick-up-the-house activity, and a nice post-bowling nap for me.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Alaska-just thought you'd like to know that I am reading from your blog on my phone aloud to Alex as we relax with a cup of hot chocolate in a cafe. Very intertaining, relaxing activity! Say hi to Max, Chris & the munchkins. Love Jess