Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day!!!

This is what it says on the school district web site for tomorrow:

This is what it says on accuweather:

I think we're in the 12-18 inches zone. >Sniff< I"m so proud! It's our very first Pennsylvania blizzard. Max has plugged his iPod into his iDog and is treating us all to the song Snow Day by Bleu. The twins are running around in circles and jumping on and off Ben's new sled. We're all so excited.

It was a good day, although a strange one. My parents arrived without harm after a LONG drive up from Baltimore. We all met at the State College diner and had a very nice lunch there (it was a rather good chicken salad actually). Then, I'd promised Max he could spend his valentine money that he got from my grandmother on a new sled (since the twins had already done so), so my parents offered to take the twins with them as they went back to their hotel and then met us at my house.

Well, things didn't quite go as planned. Max and I didn't run into any problems, but my parents got lost and Milo lost his lunch all over the back of the rental car. They made it back to my house (where I'd been starting to worry about them, and shoved the walk waiting to see them show up. Which is probably how I missed their first SOS call.

I got out the Hoover Steam Vac and did my best to try to fix the problem with the car, but the old Steam Vac is on its last legs and just doesn't have enough suction for the job anymore. I came back inside to find Mom and Dad looking jetlagged and in need of some good news. We came up with a plan involving a detailing place and a 9am appointment for tomorrow morning (assuming we can travel on the roads tomorrow morning) and then they drove back to their hotel, for, I imagine, a much needed nap.

Finding myself without any guests, I tabled the plans for potato and ham soup and made fish sticks for Ben and Max and rice for me and Milo (Chris has the stomach flu and is just doing his best to stay upright in the green chair--and I'm just not that big of a fan of fish sticks). Now I'm off to get some workwork done. Tomorrow will be a day of sledding. A day of hot chocolate. A . . . oh! And Valentine's Day! A day of small chocolates :)

Have a very merry snow day, everyone.

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