Saturday, February 17, 2007

When I'm Not Tromping through The Snow

I'm thinking about my garden. I'll have two gardens this spring. I'll have the small one in the front yard--mostly lettuce, a few bean plants, and the cherry tomatoes. Then I'll have a large one at the community garden area. Lots of tomatoes there, some squash, and some corn.

I'm eager to start seeds, but luckily for my seeds (because they'd be doomed if I really started them this soon), I am short on cash and there's no money in the budget yet for dirt and warming mats and grow lights. But there will be! And I will plant and I will have seedlings and it will be spring :)

Not rushing things! Just enjoying the way time passes.


Anonymous said...

Can I comission some heirloom tomatoes and some salsa? Do the amish make feta or mozzarella?

The Queen said...

I don't know that the Amish are known for their feta, but that's what Wegman's is for. We'll get the carpets cleaned in August so that O-bear doesn't have to be afraid of our floors, and have you all up for a salsa/tomato tasting. You can take a dozen jars of the winner home with you (just save the jars as per the usual).