Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Singular Goal for Tomorrow

Is to return Max's football uniform. After a very bad scare on Wednesday in which we thought we'd accidentally thrown away his uniform--which would have meant owing the football people a ton of money--we discovered that well, yes, we HAD thrown it away, but in our trashcan, not at the dump (where Chris had done a run the day before). AND given its position (very bottom of the trashcan) it had been there the week BEFORE which meant it was just dumb luck that we still had it because that means that it's only because we both forgot that it was trash day last Thursday that we still had the stuff.

So I brought the bag back inside (why was I digging through the trash? Because the bear had and I had rebag a lot of it) and ran it all through the wash again and NOW I'm going to turn it in (like we should have three months ago).


Otherwise I have a wee bit of work to do (yay paying work!) and a lot of housecleaning (not so much with the yay!) and the goal of finishing Max's right sleeve before the weekend is out. Otherwise I expect it to be a quiet weekend. NEXT weekend we have a road trip to Philly to take Chris to the airport and swing by and see some cousins. All I really ask of early March is that the kids not get seriously ill.

In further athletic news, Ben had a breakthrough so huge that he can no longer be considered a YMCA beginning swimming flunkie. He floated on his back alone. Twice. And then he and his teacher made big cheering noises and waved victoriously at me through the YMCA swimming window. (It's 120 degrees in there with 95% humidity. I sit and knit on the other side of the glass.) Ben and Milo have both announced their intentions to graduate from Eel with this next round. This would make them Rays in early April. All of a sudden my dream of having two kids who can swim from one side of the pool to the other so that they can be on the 5 yr-old swim team this summer is once again achievable (thereby allowing me to have all three boys in the same activity at the same time, since the 10-yr-olds practice at the same time as the 5-yr-olds and have all their meets together).

In the meantime Ben announced that since he can float on his back alone, he can take his own shower thankyouverymuch, and put his own swim trunks in the spin-out-the-water machine. And so could Milo, said Milo, and that meant that it took us like 45 minutes to get out of the changing room after the 30 minute lesson. ::deep breath::

Off to finish dinner and feed people. (And perform an intervention. Chris has been painting all day and I think is on his fourth movie of the day.)

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