Monday, February 19, 2007

I Accomplished Next to Nothing

This weekend was a total bust in terms of checking off things from my things to do list. I got Chris' flu on Saturday and was grouchy all day Saturday, had a rotten night of sleep Saturday night and sat in my green chair and barely moved on Sunday. I had intended to make great progress on Chris' sock (and actually, I did make good progress on it) but I was feeling badly about Milo not having any mittens (when he threw up in Grandpa's car last week the mittens were soiled and then accidentally thrown away. They were in a bag and I didn't see them there.) So I knit Milo a new pair of mittens and even though that's not very time consuming, I was just not a speedy person yesterday. So I got Milo's mittens done and about an inch of Chris's sock and watched Beauty and the Beast twice and Hoodwinked once and that was the day.

Today I feel a little better, but I have no big plans. I'm going to work on Chris' sock and nap and see if I can't feel 100% tomorrow.

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