Friday, February 23, 2007

On the Needles

I'm attempting an intervention on myself by posting all my works in progress on the Internet so I can be reminded why I do NOT need to go buying yarn for this sweater that Max wants or casting on for the nice summer hoodie in cotton that Ben requested.

First, the three items I didn't photograph--the Orenburg shawl--because that would just be depressing, and the afghan, because you can't outgrow an afghan, so it sits in a canvas bag by the green chair upstairs and when I want to knit long rows of garter stitch back and forth, I do. Otherwise, it doesn't weigh on my mind. And the Finnish Mittens--I've got one done and one to go and I don't want to photograph them until they're washed and blocked. And anyway, they're a Christmas 2007 present, too.

Next, the things that people could outgrow and soon:

There are the three sweater vests for church. I knit the small one larger than needed, so they'll fit just fine, but it's really hard to knit anything large enough for Max right now. He's growing so fast.

Next we have this sweater for Max. I just finished the right sleeve this afternoon and plan to pick up the stitches for the left sleeve after the kids are in bed.
Then we have this romper for baby Oliver. It's a very generously cut size 12 months, and it's in a cotton blend, so I think it'll fit him just fine for a few months if I can get it done in the next few months, but . . . I'm having second thoughts. I just don't love it as much as I thought I would. Of course the dangling strings don't help. It just looks like a big mess right now.
This is another striped sweater sized for the twins, but I think at the rate I'm going, I should finish it up and stick it in the gift pile. It'll be perfect for baby cousin Konrad in, oh, two years.

Here's Chris' sweater. Must be finished by Christmas 2007.

Oh, and here's another sweater for Milo:

Then here's the Faorese shawl (for me, doesn't have to be done anytime soon):
And here are three socks. The top left one is a swatch for making two pairs of striped socks for Ben and Milo. The top right is the start of a thick pair of socks for Chris in a gauge that won't take me a year to complete the socks. The center bottom socks are the ones I meant to have done for Christmas and which are now waiting for my LYS to find me a second skein of. That yarn has been discontinued.
Then just because I'm emptying the camera . . . photo of Ben and Milo playing a computer game together.
And photo of a cake I made for the fun of it earlier in the week.
Anyway, this weekend I think the sweater for Max is top priority. I can finish that sweater this week if I try. Maybe if I go in order of "things close to being done already" then O-bear's outfit would be next and then the sweater vests.


slawebb said...

Hey, I noticed that the sweater for Sabine wasn't on the list. Did you finish it? I'm not pushing or anything, I know how hard it is to finish something when you're almost done, but the least favorite part. I have a friend that is a sculpter, she loves to do feet, so she saves them for last, so she has something to look forward to and keep her motivated. Of course, you can't really do that with knitting. I'll just sew this thing together and block it, then I'll knit it. You are amazing with all thisse projects going and getting things finished foryour family to wear. You're my inspiration.

The Queen said...

Honestly? I figured by now I'd put it off for so long that it wouldn't fit. I'll put it on the list for this weekend and get it off to you. At least it will fit the little one in a few years.