Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

You know what today is? That's right, it's the last day of February. So tomorrow? It's the first day of March. And you know what March is? It's the beginning of the end of SAD season. In March the sun shines with the same regularity and intensity that it does in September. September is a nice, calm month (minus all that running around for football, anyway) and by the end of March we've all got a spring back in our step and we're feeling hopeful again. (And hopefully I've been buried by work again. If you're running out of things to pray about at your house, pray for a nice big job to come my way. I'm kind of hoping for math myself, but I'm not feeling picky.)

I'm on the neck band for Max's sweater. I'm going to finish up a little job writing up reading cards and two sweaters this week.


Dy said...


Anonymous said...

today is special because Rita's (frozen custard treats) re-opens for the season.

The Queen said...

Yum :)

Does O-bear eat Rita's frozen custard treats?

PupDaddy said...

If he doesn't, can I have his serving?