Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I got up at 5-ish and got to work on a small project. Submitted it at 7am, and then got to spend the rest of the day "not working." I took the twins to swimming, grabbed a few groceries, came home and put potatoes au gratin in the crockpot, then took a nap. Chris woke me an hour later and I truly didn't know my name, but I got up and wandered around the house until it all came back to me. Then we all went over to school, picked up three of the kids in the skiing program (the rest get there with their own parents), and headed over to Tussey Mountain. It was a good day of skiing and Chris took many pictures. I'm going to write a little article on the program for the school newsletter and hope that gets more people signing up next year.

We came home, ate, and now I'm putting all the kids to bed early because they're tired and gwouchy.

I heard from the community garden people. I officially have a plot number now--I appear to have landed one of the "organic" plots (this is in quotes as last year was the first year the land wasn't commercially farmed, so I imagine the land is still getting some stuff out of its system). This is fine with me--I could have gone either way--but since I don't have the money for chemicals, I'm good with being in the organic section. Remember, I get my horse manure on freecycle. A girl can't be too picky. They put up the soil test results from last fall and according to this, I should add a little Epsom salt to my plot in April. Hokay. That stuff is cheap.

Now, I want desperately to get an email saying that a new project, or three, is starting so that I can buy some grow lights (and you know, groceriesutilitiesmortgageblahblahblah) and start my tomatoes.

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