Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Today I worked on Chris' socks, Max's sweater, took the twins to swimming, started the next leg of dieting (whoo-hoo! I really want it to be the LAST leg, but we'll see how much progress I make before the next plateau), and supervised another Tuesday afternoon of skiing. Max made it off the bunny slope and onto the first real beginner slope and I saw him come down two of the three times he went down. He's got one more Tuesday of skiing and then he's done for the season. Which is good because it was in the mid-forties today and started raining as we were leaving. I'm sure we'll get that last day of skiing in, but I'm not exactly sure when it will be. It could be a few weeks away. The snow is melting fast.

The other day I printed out the state requirements for certification in Pennsylvania. Then I left them there on the printer. Ever since Max's school got approval for middle school I wonder what it would be like to have 20 kids maximum in the classroom. (The first year the class would be 13 or fewer students because of limitations the school agreed to in total enrollment for the school.) When I was getting my credential the first time around, it was my intention to teach middle school. I ended up in fourth grade and mostly stayed there. I don't have any immediate plans to do anything more than mull. I am very reluctant to go back under contract. Heck, I can't even AFFORD to go back into teaching until Chris is earning something regularly AND we're debt free except for the house.

So it really means nothing.

BUT, if two years from now I post on the blog that I decided to APPLY for that 8th grade position . . . I don't want y'all thinking it was some kind of hasty decision. And if two years from now I decide NOT to . . . well, I guess I don't want Max thinking I didn't give it some careful thought. Because he thought of it back when YSCP was still applying to get the middle grades. He said one day in the car on the way to or from school, I don't remember which, "You should think about teaching one of the new grades. Wouldn't that be cool?" And of course I can't really love him any more than I already do, but it was genuinely one of the sweetest things he could possibly say to me. The part of me that desperately misses homeschooling him had a good cry over it. And the part of me that genuinely misses teaching public school started tapping her pencil thoughtfully and the part of me that gets a little burned out writing curriculum was grateful for the excuse to daydream. But that's mostly what it is--a little daydream sitting on my printer waiting for me to find the time to look at it more carefully. And that is all I have to say about that.

Charlotte and I have figured out a way for me to go see the Harlot without going broke. The twins don't know it yet, but they get to come along for this one. It does involve us crashing at my Aunt Connie and Uncle Denny's house, but as long as their dog doesn't eat us and the twins don't love their old cat to death (literally), that should be nothing but fun. (Although I can't bring them anything canned as a host gift because they totally have everything I could give them.)

I got official word today that I have a 600 sq. ft. community garden plot this summer and I sent in my payment this afternoon, so now I'm just waiting to find out which plot is mine. Want to see the aerial photo of the gardens? Sure you do. Lookie :) This is where Max and I will be gardening this summer.

I signed up for the rototilling service they have, too. THAT totally ROCKS. We can start working in the garden in mid-April.


Aunt Charlotte said...

Don't worry about the dog. Turns out C&D were mearly fostering her lo these many years. She has gone to live with her origional human, Kyle and her little sister, Ellie, and everyone (and I mean all concerned) is much happier. The cat is very kid friendly, and does have all her origional claws. I don't think she is afraid to use them, either. Her prefered method of dealing with grabby children, however, is mearly to walk away.

Anonymous said...

AK, be sure to look up my friend Anne Maney when in Ann Arbor. Anne, quit lurking and give her your contact info.She knit O-bear a great sweater.

Aunt Charlotte said...

maybe Anne would like to join us?

The Queen said...

Ooh, yeah, Anne should join us. I don't have Anne's email anymore though because it's on my old computer.