Thursday, June 30, 2005

Carly Simon's First Draft, (but nixed by her record company)

iiiiiiis making me blog
making me blo-o-o-o-og.

Later she put that anticipation song to the same tune and claimed it was inspired by waiting for a date with James Taylor. Shyah.

This is me NOT working because if I WERE working I'd have to write six vocabulary teacher's editions, do copy edit changes on two 128-page manuscripts, and check the first proof of a third 128-page manuscript.

Too. much. fun.

So! Let's post pictures instead!


Here is Milo, taking a nap, after putting himself to bed. Something clearly is weighing heavy on his mind. That's jam, not scar tissue, on his arm.

Playing with every bit of Fisher Price we own.

The boys blew up an air mattress and created the SS Naptime (they named it that).

Max is steering.

Later the pillows ended up on the floor, so Ms. Princess Please took them thankyouverymuch. (She's badly in need of a hair cut, but they couldn't "fit her in" until July 14th. I should have them give her a continental cut by then since she'll have the hair for it.) I just realized you can't even see her pretty, and very bright, red collar.

Continental cut -- not my poodle.

MY pretty little redhead, sporting the terrible haircut that led to this too-long gap between hair cuts (you can't actually see the worst of it in this picture):

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